Violent Crimes

Assault, battery, breaking and entering, robbery, and weapons violations

Being convicted of robbery, assault, battery, weapons violations, breaking and entering, domestic violence, and robbery, as well other serious crimes can carry significant penalties, including lengthy jail time.

Mr. Healy has traveled throughout Maryland, defending clients accused of these types of serious crimes. As a trial attorney with more than 35 years of experience, Mr. Healy is able to effectively communicate with his clients to help them understand their constitutional rights and the charges they are facing.

Thorough review and preparation go into building the strongest defense. Mr. Healy is committed to providing you with an aggressive defense and encourages your participation. Even when a client elects to enter a guilty plea, Mr. Healy can provide many valuable services at the time of sentencing. He is focused on making sure that each client is seen in the most favorable light by the sentencing judge to ensure that the sentence is fair and just and that the judge has all of the pertinent information about his client before imposing sentence. Further, Mr. Healy reviews in detail with each client his or her post-trial rights, including an appeal, a motion for a new trial, and/or a motion for reconsideration of sentence to make sure that each client is treated fairly under the law and that his or her constitutional rights are protected.

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