Finding Workable Solutions In Child Custody/Child Support Cases

Issues involving children, including child custody, visitation rights and child support, are some of the most contentious issues involved in divorce proceedings. When parents divorce, children often feel powerless, and custody disputes, which are frequently litigated, can forever alter their lives. It is important, and extremely beneficial in contested custody cases, that parents reach custody and support agreements that are in the best interests of their children.

At the law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C., Mr. Healy strives to help his clients protect their children — and their rights as parents — during the divorce process. When consensual agreements can be reached on custody and support matters, it is always preferable, as court-ordered custody decisions are just that - decisions by the court that may be contrary to one or the other's party's desired outcome.

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The Best Interests Of The Children

When the parties are unable or unwilling to resolve the issues amongst themselves, child custody and visitation rights can and will be determined by the court.

The courts will carefully scrutinize what is in the children's best interests by reviewing and evaluating a number of key factors before making a final decision awarding either party sole custody should joint custody not be in the child or children's best interests. The court may also appoint a Best Interest Attorney (BIA) to represent the best interests of the child or children and may divide the costs of the BIA between the parties.

The court's decision, while resolving the custody issue, may increase the animosity between parents. This is particularly true after a custody trial, if one party views himself or herself as the winner and the other party as the loser. Unfortunately, in reality, the children often suffer when animosity increases following a trial, as they need both of their parents' love and support.

How Is Child Support Determined?

In Maryland, child support is calculated according to the Maryland State Guidelines, which may result in noncustodial parents paying more child support than ever before. Knowing what goes into this calculation and how it may be increased or decreased is of critical importance.

Richard L. Healy, P.C., has more than 35 years of experience helping clients reach fair initial child support awards. If there has been a material change in circumstances or the best interests of the child require it, Mr. Healy can also provide representation related to a modification. For instance, a job loss might warrant a modification of support.

Resolve Child Support, Child Custody And Visitation Issues

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